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What is Charming Family Escapes?

Charming Family Escapes is a website with charming holiday apartments, cozy holiday homes, beautiful B&B’s and chic hotels, especially for families, but also for couples.

Vacation time is the best time of the year. Then we have time for each other, time to explore new places and cultures and we don’t waste so much time on everyday work.
So you usually spend hours or days in advance trying to find the right holiday accommodation.
On this website you will find a selection of wonderful holiday accommodations and save yourself all the time that you spend to ‘click away’ an accommodation after you have seen a few pictures and know immediately that it is out of the question.

Initially, this website was only intended for families. When looking for particularly beautiful holiday accommodations, however, I also found so many charming overnight accommodations that are not suitable for families that I decided on an additional category: ‘Time for couples’.
It would have been a shame to ignore these beautiful accommodations. After all, we sometimes go away without the children – for a romantic weekend as a couple (and not just as parents) or for a weekend with a good friend.

Of course I haven’t tested all the accommodations myself (that would be too nice!), but I hope that you like this preselection and save a lot of time.

I write short articles in my blog ‘Thought Time’ about accommodations that we have already visited and were enthusiastic about. My family and I must have really liked them. If this is not the case, I will simply not write anything about it – after all, negative thoughts have no business on this website!
In addition, I write in the blog about great destinations.


What can you not find on this website?

Since you will find particularly beautiful, charming and individual holiday accommodations on this page, there are usually no overnight recommendations in holiday parks, on campsites or in hotel chains. After all, everyone can quickly find the first hotel on the square or a low-budget hotel themselves!


How it all started!

Once upon a time …

… a phone call with my brother about three years ago.
He lives on Lake Constance and said that he intends to build and sell boats himself. It sounded great to earn money with something that you can do really well and that is also fun! When I told him, he just said: You can do that too.
I thought about it for a moment and then replied: I can’t, I can do a lot, but nothing particularly well.
He did not accept that. So I thought about it further and came to the conclusion: What I’m really good at is choosing nice accommodations for vacation – and that is how the basic idea for this website was born. Will I ever make any money with it – who knows?
It took a while until this page existed as it looks today – after all, it was three years ago. During this time I quit my job, looked after my family, came up with a name for this website (which wasn’t that easy, even if you can’t believe it), took care of all the bureaucratic issues for self-employment and always had doubts whether what I would do would even interest anyone. So I’m just about to find out 🙂


Who is this website for?

When I look around our circle of friends and acquaintances, there are countless different ways to go on vacation.
On the one hand, those who simply go to the travel agency and book a package tour there. Then there are friends who go to the first hotel on the square or those for whom it definitely has to be a wellness hotel. But there are also friends who love to go on holiday at the campsite or those who say we are always outside on vacation and we don’t need great accommodation just to sleep.
Then there are also friends who do not attach so much importance to holiday accommodation but also like to spend money on other things – the holiday should therefore not cost so much.
So what type of vacation is this website for?
It is intended for people like us, for whom it doesn’t have to be the first hotel on the site, but neither does the campsite. A simple hotel is perfectly fine for us in transit, but we want to spend our vacation where we feel really comfortable. Accommodations that are furnished with love and where we look forward to coming back after a great, eventful day.
Charming escapes from everyday life, in which we feel just as comfortable as at home – in some ways maybe a little better 😉


What can you find in the ‘reading time’?

Die Lesezeit habe ich auf dieser Website eingerichtet, da ich es selber immer schön finde, gute Bücher und Reiseführer zu unseren Urlaubsorten zu lesen. I especially love great books for children, suitable for the vacation spot, because they leave with a completely different kind of enthusiasm.
Since I’ve always read a lot with my children, there is also the ‘Reading time for children’ category. There you will find particularly beautiful books for children that you should have read.


The ‘My Time’ category

There are many offers for vacation rentals on this website, but not yet for all desired locations.
So if there is a holiday destination that is not yet shown here, but for which you would like me to make a preselection, please let me know your wishes.
For a flat fee I will then select charming accommodations and present my favorites to you.
You can find more information on this on the ‘My Time’ page.


How do I want to earn money with this website now?

As an affiliate partner of the major travel operators, I receive a small commission if you go to the major travel operator’s website via my website and book your vacation there. It’s free of charge for you, as these affiliate commissions are already included in the travel price – regardless of whether you go directly to the website of the booking portal or via a page in between.
If you find a vacation rental on Charming Family Escapes that you would like to book, I would be very happy if you did this via my website. This way I can continue to spend my time looking for beautiful holiday homes and apartments that you might like for your next vacation 🙂