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This approx. 6 miles long hike on the Mullerthal Trail leads you from Mullerthal to the wonderful, small waterfall Schiessentümpel and past the brook ‘Schwarze Ernz’ to the impressive Klalktuff spring. Continue through the Marscherwald to the ‘Ripsmoor’ and the sundial to the destination Blumenthal. From here you can take the bus back to Mullerthal.

In the following I will tell you in detail about this hike – with many impressions and valuable tips.

The Heringer Millen

The starting point of this hike is the ‘Heringer Millen’, a restored grain mill from the 17th century. The mill has been redesigned into a brasserie and is also home to a small mill museum with old mill equipment and information on the mill trade.


Heringer Millen in Mullerthal, Luxembourg


On the right in the mill is the tourist information office with a “Best of Hiking Test Center” (rental of hiking equipment).


Tourist information at the Heringer Millen in Mullerthal, Luxembourg


Both the brasserie and the tourist info are not open every day (you can find links to the opening times at the end of the article). This has the disadvantage that on some days you will not get anything to eat or any information, but a big advantage is that the hiking trail is not so crowded on these days. We didn’t know in advance that both are closed on Mondays, but we really enjoyed the empty hiking trails.
You can park directly at the mill. There are numerous parking spaces here.
I really liked that there is a large, new toilet building to the left of the mill that is open every day !!


Toilet block on the Heringer Millen in Mullerthal, Luxembourg


You can start the hike either to the right of the tourist information office or – as we did – to the left, past the mill and straight on towards the hiking statue. Both paths are signposted directly at the mill.


Hike statue at Heringer Millen, Luxembourg


Mullerthal Trail – The Schiessentümpel

You reach the Schiessentümpel after about 0.5 miles. I love this magical and beautiful place. We didn’t see elves or fairies, but I can well imagine that they will definitely feel at home in this place!


The beautiful Schiessentümpel in Mullerthal, Luxembourg



Mullerthal Trail – The Kalktuffquelle (tufa spring)

From the Schiessentümpel you usually walk slightly up the mountain and along the right side of the water. During our hike, this route was closed and we continued on the barely traveled road until we reached the ‘Schwarzen Ernz’ on the left.


Diversion on the Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg


Here the original hiking trail comes down the mountain from the right. You now turn left into the forest and follow the hiking signs towards ‘Kalktuffquelle’. On the way there you will pass many great rock formations. I loved seeing numerous faces in the rocks.


Stone faces on the Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg


After a while, you will first come to a water basin in which the rainwater that seeps through the water-permeable Luxembourg sandstone is collected.


Water basin above the limestone spring, Luxembourg


If you now go down the steps next to the pool, you will get to the tufa spring. That is a rock overgrown with moss, on which the calcareous groundwater from the collecting basin ‘drips down’.


Path to the Kalktuffquelle, Luxembourg


Tufa spring on the Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg


Kalktuffquelle, Mullerthal, Luxembourg



Mullerthal Trail – The ‘Schwarze Ernz’

From here you follow the brook ‘Schwarze Ernz’ again. First on a hiking trail and then on footbridges, sometimes right, sometimes left along the brook. This part of the walk I found especially nice since the footbridges were littered with colorful foliage and sometimes led along the Schwarze Ernz in red or yellow. At the end of the footbridges you go up into the Marscherwald.


Hiking on the Schwarze Ernz in Mullerthal, Luxembourg


Hiking the Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg



Mullerthal Trail – The Marscherwald

The Marscherwald is a light beech forest in which you can discover numerous different mushrooms in autumn. I’ve never seen a lot of them before.


The Marscherwald in Mullerthal, Luxembourg


Mushrooms in the Marscherwald, Mullerthal, Luxembourg


Sometimes they also grow in a large circle between the trees. For mushroom connoisseurs this is quite normal and there is probably a very logical explanation for it, but I found it pretty mystical.


Mushroom circle in the Marscherwald, Luxembourg



Mullerthal Trail – The Ripsmoor

In the forest you go left down the narrow hiking trail and from there you come to a wide forest path. The whole time I was wondering whether we were already on the Ripsmoor, a small raised bog, or whether we had already missed it. No, it came to the left of the forest path, was signposted and much smaller than I had imagined. A small pond with a paved bank – at least what we could see of it.


Ripsmoor on the Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg



Mullerthal Trail – The Sundial

The forest path takes you back into the forest and there you can hike up a small slope on the left to the sundial. It lies on a ledge and is carved into a rock. There are also two benches here to take a little break. Then you hike down the slope again and follow the forest path to Blumenthal.


Signpost to the sundial on the Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg


Sundial on the Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg




You will notice that you have arrived in Blumenthal when you get to the street. Unfortunately, Blumenthal is not a small place with a nice restaurant, as I imagined, but rather a thoroughfare with a few houses to the right and left. Maybe we didn’t see the ‘right’ place either!?! At least the hiking trail ends directly at the bus stop, from which you can drive back to Mullerthal.


Return to Mullerthal

Line 107 runs every 60 minutes in the direction of Waldbillig/Mullerthal.


Timetable from Blumenthal towards Mullerthal, Luxembourg


We had asked the bus driver to let us know when we would have to get off to get to Heringer Millen. That worked well and the journey wasn’t long, but we still had to walk from the bus stop to Herringer Millen for a good half an hour – mostly along the street without a sidewalk. Only the last part of the way led again through the forest.



The absolute highlight of this hike is the beautiful Schiessentümpel. But also the tufa spring and the way over the footbridges along the Schwarzen Ernz were really great.
The Marscherwald was very nice, but not that impressive and in my opinion the riparian moor and the sundial don’t necessarily have to be seen.
Due to the bad connection from Blumenthal back to Mullerthal and the subsequent path along the road, next time I would rather opt for a circular hike – Schiessentümpel – Kalktuffquelle – Schwarze Ernz!
If the Tourist Information is open, you can check out there determined a better return from Blumenthal to Mullerthal or a circular route information.

I wish you a lot of fun hiking in the beautiful Mullerthal,

your Diana


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